Town Directory

Office Hours Mon - Thurs 9am to 3pm,  Thurs Eve 5:30pm to 7pm

 Fri 9am to noon & new for 2019 Open the 2nd Sat 8am to11am

Phone 207-625-4663 Fax 207-625-7635

25 Allard Circle, hiram, me 04041

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Updated April 2019

Town Office Staff - Hours 9am to 3pm Mon- Thurs, Thurs Evening 6pm to 7:30 and Fri 9am to noon

Please Contact the Office Staff for all assessing and tax record request

 Phone 207-625-4663  - Fax 207-625-7635

  Marylou Stacey              Email

  Town Clerk, Tax Collector, Treasurer, Registrar of Voters                      

  Terry Day                         Email -

  Secretary/Bookkeeper, Deputy Clerk & General Assistant Administrator        

Selectmen, Assessor & Overseer of the Poor - Meet Thursday evenings - Meetings begin at 7pm

Please Contact the Office Staff above for all assessing and tax record request

 Jamie Marshall             Email -

 Joyce Siracuse              Email  -

 Eric Durgin                     Email -

Code Enforcement Officer, Building and Plumbing Inspector

Office Hours are Wednesdays 8am to noon

 Phone 207-232-0183

  Bruce Smith              Email -

Animal Control Officer  - 

   Cindy Eaton 890-5313 or 1-800-733-1421  call will be dispatched through Oxford County Dispatch Center

Road Commissioner and Plow Contractors                                                                            

   Greg Sawyer 207-625-8593  or 256-2854 cell Road Commissioner and So End Plow Contractor  

    Kyle Estes 207-272-3908 - No End Plow Contractor

  Planning Board Meets on Wednesdays as needed-    

    Chairman - Guy Lehouillier 207-625-4159 or call the office

Fire Chiefs / Burn Permits - All Emergencies Dial 911 

   Bruce Pyburn -  Chief - No End - 207-625-7198

    James Siracuse - Chief - So End - 207-625-3604

    For Burn Permits Contact Darryl Ward 625-4790 No. End, James Siracuse So End 625-3604 or 281-3180

    Or apply online @State of Maine Burn Permit App.

Soldiers Memorial Library - Library Facebook Page

   Pam Slattery-Thomas- Librarian 207-625-4650

Tri Town Transfer Station -

   Joe McNulty -207-625-7633

   See Transfer Station page FMI