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The Town Office is located near Route 160 and the South Hiram Rd.

Town Office

Phone 207-625-4663 Fax 207-625-7635

25 Allard Circle, hiram, me 04041

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Rapid Renewal - BMV

Moses  - IF&W

Office Hours Mon - Thurs 9am to 3pm,  Thurs Eve 5:30pm to 7pm

 Fri 9am to noon & new for 2019 Open the 2nd Sat 8am to11am

Hiram Town Office

We offer a variety of services here at the Town Office - from registering your vehicle, paying your taxes to registering to vote. If you are new to Hiram please bring in some proof of residency.

Payment Types - We accept cash and checks as always, we now accept credit and debit cards, there is a 2.5% service fee associated with all card transactions. with a minimum service fee of $1.00. 

Vehicle Registrations  - For a re-registration you will need to bring in current mileage and proof of insurance, the prior registration is helpful.  For a new registration you would need a bill of sale, title or title application on any vehicle that is 1995 or newer, the  window sticker if it is a new vehicle, current mileage and proof of insurance. You can have your insurance agency fax us a copy of your insurance card if needed, the fax number is 625-7635.  You can process your renewal or request a duplicate through the State by selecting the Rapid Renewal link to the left.  Other motor vehicle services are available on the State of Maine website such as vanity plate search and renewal of your drivers license.

The State of Maine changed the title law several years ago,

all vehicles 1995 of newer will required title forever. 

ATV's, Boats and Snowmobiles - The previous registration is helpful for both new and re- registrations. For all licenses and registrations proof of residency is required.   New registrations require a bill of sale which must have the vehicle identification number (VIN) , a receipt showing sales tax has been paid if already paid and the prior registration if possible. If the previous registration is not available please try to bring in either the registration number for boats or the registration sticker number and year for ATV's and snowmobiles.    For a re-registration the previous registration is extremely helpful but not necessary. Most re-registrations can be done online if you choose by clicking here. ( This will open a new website)

Hunting and Fishing Licenses - May be purchased here at the Town Office if you have a previous license please bring it with you or the MOSES number assigned to you if possible.  For a new license you would need to bring in proof of residency and completion of any required courses.  Most licensees can be purchased online by clicking here. (This will take you to a new website)

Dog Licenses - All dogs six months or older must be licensed by State Law. License fees are $6.00 for dog that has been neutered or spayed and $11.00 for a dog that has not been altered. Dog licenses are valid for a calendar year becoming available October 15th of the previous year and good until December of the current year. You must present a valid rabies certificate in order to process the license and if your dog has been altered please be sure to provide the neutering certificate or other proof. (Needed one time only) A late fee of $25.00 goes into effect on February 1st for all unlicensed dogs. The State mails out copies of all rabies vaccinations, so if we receive one and your dog is not licensed we will be contacting you. This is State Law. Our current ACO is Cindy Eaton she can be reached at 890-5313 or 1-800-733-1421 which is Oxford County Dispatch. We do have an barking dog ordinance which can be found on the ordinance and forms page.